Vienna Phototgraphy: A Wedding Cover Story of Kim & Mario

by birtaphoto, 2016-08-04

Born and growing up in different countries is not a barrier when it comes to finding your love one and falling head over heels to them. Kim and Mario were born in two different countries: Australia and Austria. These two worlds join in them holding hands when they got married in Vienna.

Wedding Photography

By Birta Photography, Kim and Mario’s wedding is detailedly captured into pictures that would last a lifetime. When someone says ‘I do’ at a wedding ceremony, it reminds us that the ‘I do’ entails commitments. Happy moments in life always start with a decision to say ‘Yes’ and nothing is more important than letting ourselves love another and be loved in return.

 Wedding Photographer Vienna

Kim and Mario’s wedding day was like a treasure box. Every memory was a treasure to be explored, kept and remembered. From the childhood friends turned best men in deep black suits (with super heroes suit underneath) to tasty homemade wedding cakes about to be divulged and relatives who come far from other galaxies (a little too far..), it was a night full of joy and discovery.

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The photographs were mainly taken at a Vienna Japanese Garden with the bride’s maid and best men. Just look at the images and you can tell for yourselves how into the scene they are for this wedding day. The best men and bride’s maids were enjoying as much as the newlyweds do.

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Not everyone can become a professional speaker in life. But everyone turns one when his/her child decides to marry. Suddenly a string of advises about life, commitment and family come to the tongue. In the moment, parents wished to give them the best presents and advice; advice that hugs them, protects them and is simply for them in the hard and happy moments in life.

Wedding Photography Austria

It is a memorable day where not only Kim and Mario got together. It was a day where memorable speeches are given and where a whole room of guests was crying and laughing at the same time to celebrate and to hear on their adventures leading up to this marriage.

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Photography: Birta Photography