5 Romantic Ideas for Your Best Wedding Photography

by birtaphoto, 2016-09-12

Do you have any idea what are the core elements can make the D-Day memorable when the two soul communion?

It is marriage photography, which emerges first at the fingertips. The value of Wedding photography cannot be ignored as it becomes a wonderful way to revive the memories of your special day. Be it bride or groom both wishes to add spark to their memorable day. In this connection, we are going to add some wonderful ideas which you also would love to opt to pep up the celebration.


5 Most Romantic & Best Wedding Photography Ideas To Follow-

  1. Walking Down The Road This pose holds great magic to give the wonderful start or end to your album. When the two lovely souls are captured walking down on the road oozing with peaceful environment, it is enough to make anyone emotional. At the time going for this pose, he/she needs to choose the place carefully. If the place is closed to nature surrounded by greenery, then it is wonderful. Apart from it, it is essential to keep in mind that no one should be behind both of you. It would not be exaggerating if called that Birta Photography – Wings Of Love.


  1. Under A Canopy It is another wonderful idea to spice up the album. In this pose, you both need to stand under the shade made by lovely trees. When the bride or groom is captured under a canopy, it indicates that they are blessed with the grace of God too. To add some more excitement, the wonderful and heart touching lighting can also be added. You may not believe, but yes it helps to elaborate how much love is floating between the bride and groom. And they look lovely while stand together. No need to muddle a lot, just Get in touch if you want the same for your album.
  2. The Venue Everything associate to your D-day become special and it is required to capture everything. In this context, how can we forget to add the venue which is going to become the witness of your D-Day? To capture that, the bride and groom need to stand in front of the special place to show gratitude to become the part of their special day.wedding-photographer-vienna
  3. Head On Groom’s Shoulder – This one is all set to rule over your heart and makes you feel that you both took birth for sharing life with each-other. Having bride’s head on your shoulder showcases that she trust and believe you completely. She always wishes to have you throughout the life and feel special to have you in her life.wedding-photography

Creative Pose –  As per this idea, there is a lot to think on your own. But even then, an idea is being shared here. In this pose, you may take help of coffee, ice-cream, wine or something else you love to share with each other. It will add a great spark to your wedding album.